Friday, May 14, 2010

Knitting Mojo

I have lost my knitting mojo. A few weeks ago I started making the Ruched Tank Top by Karen Garlinghouse. The top is done except for weaving in ends but while it looks good laying down, it does not look good on my body. I attempted the neckline several times and am not happy with it so it will be going to the frog pile to become something else another day. Today after a lovely day knitting with friends I stopped to look at the progress I had made on my Loppem out of Berroco Palace and realized 4 inches back I had made a mistake on one of the cables. Guess who's going to be ripping back?

To top all this off, my Webs order came today for some yarn I had ordered to go along with some yarn I already had and of course the dye lots are too off to use together.

I think it's time for some wine as I have now finished with the other whining!!!

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